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Allison & Bruin

This is my gorgeous family. My husband Kris, my cheeky daughter Piper (3), and my amazing little boy Bruin (4).

Our story is a little naive.  Bruin being my first child I had no idea what to expect, he was always alert, cheerful, he didn’t speak….but as I was always told….Boys speak later.

This was told to me by everyone, so it was not a huge concern.  He was very bright, startling so. Though he was not speaking….he recognized all his letters and phonics, numbers to 100 and all shapes and colours by 2.

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Natalie & Elara

We have been one of the fortunate families that have used Irabina’s services for a number of years now. Roughly 8 years I think. We first encountered Irabina with our youngest daughter way back in 2008. She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. She spent the last part of 2008 in music therapy then the next 3 years in Group Therapy with Private Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Jaz was mainly non-verbal with poor muscle tone and other medical issues. Today she is currently in mainstream school and is coping beautifully. She is a constant chatterbox and for a child with so many Sensory issues you can now see her out on the field with her footy team Kilsyth Cougars. Continue reading »

Victoria & Jamie

Hi Irabina parents, When our family arrived in Melbourne from the UK, not long after our 3 year old son Jamie was diagnosed with ASD, we were still coming to terms with the news – let alone setting up a life on the other side of the world. Although it was not a surprise that Jamie, now 4 and a half, was on the spectrum the news still came as a shock. The UK medical system discharged us because we were moving abroad – we just remember the paediatrician handing us a few leaflets but neither of us really took in what she said. As soon as the verdict was delivered it was like hearing everything under water as we struggled to take it in. Continue reading »

Nicole & Lincoln

Hi Irabina parents, I’m Nicole,

my gorgeous husband is Paul – we have Amber 11, Paige 9 and our handsome little cheeky but always happy boy “Lincoln”, (3 1/2).

Linc was a typically developing baby until just after his 2 birthday. He got sick with a cold and ear infections and within 2-3 months speech regressed, behaviour changed and stimming began. After having his ears checked and told by doctors and a Pediatrician that he was fine, I took matters into my own hands and he was diagnosed at about 2 ½.

The very next day we arrived at Irabina.

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Belinda & Xavier

Autism specific Auskick allows us as parents to not be worried about our son having a meltdown, misbehaving or just doing things that would make him stand out from the crowd in a regular Auskick setting. He is in a safe and supportive environment and we are seeing him thrive as a result, with his confidence improving each week. It is great exposure to a group activity that involves turn taking, team work and the best part… it is so much fun and met with plenty of smiles each week! Continue reading »

Belinda & Oscar

Hi Irabina families,

This is our beautiful 3, almost 4 year old son Oscar.

We joined Irabina’s intensive program (part time) last year after obtaining a diagnosis of ASD during the year prior. Oscar was 2 years old at the time of diagnosis. We have re-enrolled Oscar again for the intensive program this year, in lieu of going into a 3 year old “typical” kinder program. For us, the decision was made to forego 3 year old kinder as Oscar also attends a family day care provider 2 days a week, we feel this combined with the intensive program gives him many opportunities for the social exposure and interactions he seeks.

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Mauricio & Adam

Hi, I’m Mauricio, and my son Adam is the eldest of my 2 boys who are 15 months apart.

Adam was diagnosed with ASD at 2 and a half years of age after we noticed he was lagging behind his peers in language and his unwillingness to follow simple requests.

Adam has always been a happy, active and quite social boy who enjoys all types of physical activity, so while attending childcare once a week, the only concern that was posed to us was his language.

The diagnosis of ASD came as a real shock to us and changed our lives. There were moments of despair, of not knowing where to start in this process and uncertainty of what the future would hold for our son. After acquiring some initial knowledge we decided that we would lean towards evidence based programs for Adam.

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