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Family Support


Key Worker

Families who are allocated a state-based place at Irabina are eligible to receive a Key Worker to support them as a part of their program at Irabina. This person is the family’s first point of contact for information regarding their child. A Key Worker assists families to identify services that may be helpful for them, considers their family goals and helps write up a Family Service and Support Plan.

Family Service and Support Plans

These plans are developed in conjunction with families and the child’s Key Worker and therapists so that common goals can be established for the Early Intervention setting, as well as for home and other environments such as pre-school or kindergarten.

Family Services Support Team

This consists of Social Workers and Psychologists who have expertise in supporting families whose children have Autism Spectrum Disorder. The role of the team is to provide information, support and referral advice to Irabina families and the broader community. Based on an empowerment model, we work in partnership with families to help them identify their needs, to develop appropriate intervention and referral action plans, and to work collaboratively with other professionals to ensure that family’s needs are addressed. Irabina understands that families can be under strain, and provides individual and small group case work for complex families This may include support, advocacy and direct referral to a variety of services, including:
  • Respite
  • Case Management
  • Parent and Family Support Services
    • Parent Support Groups
    • Sibling Support Group
    • Individual and Family Counselling
  • Social, Sporting and Recreational Programs
  • Housing/Accommodation
  • Financial Counselling/Support (including Centrelink payments, Companion Card applications and special Child Care Benefit applications)
  • Crisis and short term intervention, but not ongoing case management

Irabina Introductory Session

This is free of charge for families who are planning to come to Irabina, or who just want to know more. Please contact Irabina on 03 9720 1118 and arrange a time to come and get to know more about our Centre.

Parent Education

This is specific to families who have a child newly diagnosed with autism. Parent Education is a 10-week program that explains what autism is and, more importantly, how to support your toddler or pre-school aged child. The program is offered during different school terms over the course of the year, and is conducted both during the day and in the evening to ensure that as many parents/caregivers as possible are able to attend. Parent Education is made available as part of the State Based program (Refer to Funding Options) or can be purchased using HCWA funding.

Workshops/Education for Families and Professionals

Irabina offers a wide range of workshops and education sessions to families to increase their knowledge and ability to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many of the sessions are provided to community organisations as well as Irabina families, thus increasing knowledge about autism in the broader community. Irabina produces a 6-monthly Education Program brochure with all session details outlined.