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Nicole & Lincoln

Hi Irabina parents, I’m Nicole,

my gorgeous husband is Paul – we have Amber 11, Paige 9 and our handsome little cheeky but always happy boy “Lincoln”, (3 1/2).

Linc was a typically developing baby until just after his 2 birthday. He got sick with a cold and ear infections and within 2-3 months speech regressed, behaviour changed and stimming began. After having his ears checked and told by doctors and a Pediatrician that he was fine, I took matters into my own hands and he was diagnosed at about 2 ½.

The very next day we arrived at Irabina.

Emotional, devastating, scared, worried, shocked, angry and totally feeling loss of control.

Lincoln now does the intensive program 3 days a week, and we have seen huge improvements. We also have an ABA therapist doing another 10 hours with Linc at home and now looking to increase Speech Therapy as well.

We plan to do another two years at Irabina before he goes to school.

We are always happy to share stories, therapy ideas, good days and bad days as I think it helps normalise our life.  To know you are not alone in your fears but also give HOPE to all us parents that our beautiful rainbow children will live full happy wonderful lives!

Please say hi if you see us, ask questions, give me advice and give me hope too, always happy to chat!

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