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Natalie & Elara

We have been one of the fortunate families that have used Irabina’s services for a number of years now. Roughly 8 years I think. We first encountered Irabina with our youngest daughter way back in 2008. She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. She spent the last part of 2008 in music therapy then the next 3 years in Group Therapy with Private Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Jaz was mainly non-verbal with poor muscle tone and other medical issues. Today she is currently in mainstream school and is coping beautifully. She is a constant chatterbox and for a child with so many Sensory issues you can now see her out on the field with her footy team Kilsyth Cougars. Along the way not only did Irabina help out my daughter Jaz, it provided me a whole new set of friends that were going through the Autism journey as well. When you first get that diagnosis it can be very overwhelming and to have the support of Irabina and other families is such a blessing. Our oldest daughter was a late diagnosis so wasn’t able to participate in the Group therapies Irabina offered however they were always a fantastic source of information and knowledge. Over the last 2 years Elara has used Irabina on a regular week to week and fortnight to fortnight basis. She started with Katie and finished with Claire.┬áThey both provided Elara with key skills to use in her day to day schooling life, they were also there if she just needed to talk. The skills she learnt will definitely help her with her future and further learning. They both also kept in constant contact with Elara’s school teachers and helped her teachers with support and suggestions. Katie also came out to Elara’s school to take the children through “What is Autism”. There has never been one time that one of my phone calls was any trouble, Irabina gave me so much support over those 2 years. I feel that an early diagnosis and early intervention is very important. If Elara had have been diagnosed early she would have definitely had better Primary school years. That 4 year difference, Jaz being 2 and Elara being 6 is huge gap to fill with intervention. I have so many people to thank at Irabina. They have kept me grounded and guided me on days I thought I couldn’t get through. With the centre being run by Deb Goldfinch there will only be bigger and better things to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you have given us. Natalie, Brett, Elara and Jaz. << Back