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Department of Social Services

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA)

Children who have been diagnosed by a Paediatrician as having Autism Spectrum Disorder and are aged 6 years and under are eligible to apply for funding under the Helping Children with Autism Package, funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services. This allows a family to access services from a HCWA provider up to the maximum value of $12,000 or the child’s seventh (7th) birthday. A family can use a maximum of $6000 in any financial year.

There are no geographic boundaries for HCWA funding, which can be used at Irabina to access the programs described above (Individual Therapy, Home and Community Based Service, and Trans-Disciplinary Groups).

Families can utilise their HCWA funding to access additional programs and services at Irabina. These include:
  • Aquatic Occupational Therapy
  • Basketball Program
  • Football Program
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Classroom Assistance (where agreed to by the school)
  • Parent Education
  • Resources and Merchandise

To access HCWA services at Irabina, please call Reception on 03 9720 1118 and let us know your requirements.

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