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Allison & Bruin

This is my gorgeous family. My husband Kris, my cheeky daughter Piper (3), and my amazing little boy Bruin (4).

Our story is a little naive.  Bruin being my first child I had no idea what to expect, he was always alert, cheerful, he didn’t speak….but as I was always told….Boys speak later.

This was told to me by everyone, so it was not a huge concern.  He was very bright, startling so. Though he was not speaking….he recognized all his letters and phonics, numbers to 100 and all shapes and colours by 2.

There was a Montessori words and phonics app that he loved to play in the mornings whilst I was tending to my Piper.  One day I looked down and saw he had completed over 1400 words correctly.

We were overjoyed….we thought that we had a gifted child….I hadn’t even noticed that he didn’t call me mum or could even ask for water.

By 2 he had said his first 2 words sequence…but only one.  But one day at 2.5 we were shopping in Coles when he pointed to the Doorway (specifically the light above it) and said the word “EXIT”.

It took me a while, but I realised he had read it.  A few words started to pop up….but only as he read them.

I had always known my child was different, and I knew I needed to learn how his brain worked.

Whilst visiting my GP I was talking to her regarding seeing someone who could help me learn more……she said “Do you think he has one of the ‘Big A’s”. I didn’t even know what she was talking about….and said No. We booked to see a Behavioural Specialist and waited near 5 months. During this time things got a lot worse.  Sensory overload kicked in, meltdowns, night waking, sensitivity to food the works. By the time we saw the specialist it was the week of casino canada his 3rd birthday…we were diagnosed ASD within 20 minutes. And every one of you know exactly how we felt then.

We had a lot of difficulty in information, I didn’t know what ECIS was and was about to fork out a fortune for therapy before we found Irabina. I was so angry that no one informed me correctly.

At the time my whole everything went into supporting the needs of my 2 children for the day, with no family help available and husband working constantly on our business, I was so angry that these speech therapy companies were about to take advantage of me.

Once we changed our diet and regulated our sleep again….blessfully our daily meltdowns subsided.

And he worked so hard, and still does every day.  We struggle with attention, focus and emotions but we are all learning together. He loves music, highway routes, anything that fly’s and riding his bike. Having a hyperlexic child I find myself answering questions that I don’t think other mother’s of a 4 year old would, like “What does subscribe mean”, or whinges “why are we going by Whitehorse Rd, I want to go by Belmore Rd”.

The team at Irabina have been incredible to our family. I could not imagine where we would be without them, they have grown our little man so much.

My son has achieved more in one year than anyone I have ever known.  I am so proud of the little man that he is and cannot wait to meet the man he will become. Our family Motto is “In a world with more and more Kardashian’s…we need more Steve Jobs and Einstein’s”.


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