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Muffin – Irabina’s Therapy Dog

Irabina’s therapy dog Muffin is a full time member of our team and is highly trained by the Centre for Service and Therapy Dogs Australia to work with the children and staff. It is a privilege to have Muffin on board with us, and some of the things that the group and individual sessions will be working on are:
  • Safe behaviour around dogs
  • Joint attention & Social Skills
  • Linking eye contact, gestures and vocalisations
  • Spatial awareness eg: in/on/under
  • Confidence building with animals and peers
  • Flexibility around people, place and routines
  • Sensory needs
  • Having fun
Muffin is working in most groups and individual therapy sessions. Please feel free to forward any questions you have through to

Update 21/11/2017

Muffin has become a wonderful  addition to our classroom this term. She has been busy working in all of the different group and individual sessions and has thoroughly been enjoying getting to know each of the children. In group Muffin has been working on sitting on her mat during mat time and participating during some songs with the use of props. She has her own name tag and place in the group and all of the children know that Muffin needs to be sitting and listening just like them. Muffin is such a patient dog and the children love having her in group. Some of the goals we have been working  on as a group using Muffin are following instructions, listening, participating, waiting and taking turns. On Wednesdays, Muffins trainer Yarif has been coming into class to show us how to work and play with Muffin. The children are learning how to speak to Muffin, how to get her to follow their instructions and listen to them, how to treat her and also how to reward her. We have been having a great time learning from Yarif and the boys absolutely love how silly he is.
Muffin 2 Muffin 1 Muffin 3 Muffin 4